Slipped Disc Records opened its doors in the Spring of 1982 and was located on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream, New York.
Owned and operated by Mike Schutzman, it was one of Long Island's longest running record stores specializing
in heavy metal, punk and hardcore CDs, records, DVDs, shirts, posters, pins, books, and other accessories.
The store had also featured in-store autograph signing sessions with some of rock's biggest acts over the years.

According to an article in Metal Edge magazine, Schutzman reflected upon the stores early days,
"There weren't many stores then that were specializing in metal, hardcore, and punk.
We hit it at the right time, even though people told us it wasn't a good time."
The store flourished by selling a wide variety of domestic and hard-to-find import albums
and accessories as well as a large catalogue of used CD's and albums.
Sadly, Slipped Disc closed its doors on April 19, 2008 after being open for over 25 years...
another victim of online music downloading.

Mike Schutzman continues to sell vinyl at record shows that cater to collectors and enthusiasts.
Recently, the store was featured in the documentary Get Thrashed and an official website was launched for online shopping.
Dream Theater drummer and veteran Slipped Disc shopper Mike Portnoy had some nice words
and memories to say about the store in a posting at the Blabbermouth site the same day it closed.

The Early Years . . .

March 1st 1982
Grand Opening

1st printed ad in the Island Ear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1st business card (outline and hand drawn) . . . . . .

1st store front window displays

Mike at the counter with Slipped Disc employee Jane

Inside the store before the back room was added

November '82
1st ad with the logo that would be Slipped Disc's mascot for the next 25 years.
Logo drawn by Greg Stange

The "Back Room" Grand Opening - November '82

Island Ear ad for Metallica at The Rio Theater and Slipped Discs first ever in-store.
Unfortunately, there are no photo's from this in-store

And so it begins . . .

June 2nd 1984

1st hand drawn In-Store flyer
Flyer by Sammy Mastandrea

At the front of the line for RATT

RATT with Mike, Atlantic Records rep and Phil

October 31st 1984

SLAYER's first appearance at Slipped Disc
view it full sized here

Slayer fans waiting
(notice the Rio Theater in the background)

Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman & Dave Lombardo

Tom Araya

Hand written letter from Kerry King
View it full sized here

Mike's Mom Beverly contains the madness at the Slayer in-store.

Slayer arrived at Slipped Disc after driving across country for days.
Being that they didn't have hotels, Mike's Mom was gracious enough to
invite them over to stay at their house the night before the in-store.
In the morning, Bev cooked breakfast for Slayer and helped while they
folded their merchandise in the driveway... sorry, no photos were taken.

November 17th 1984

Wendy, Wes Beech, Michael Ray & Greg Smith

Wendy, Wes Beech, Michael Ray & Greg Smith with fans

Wendy, T.C. Tolliver & Michael Ray with fans

Wendy O. Williams
May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998

Phil, Wendy, Mike, Wes & T.C. Tolliver

January 22nd 1985

Window signs for both Queensr˙che & W.A.S.P.

On line for Queensr˙che

Queensr˙che signs for fans

Eddie Jackson, Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield, Mike Schutzman & Chris DeGarmo

January 26th 1985

The line for what is to be, one of Slipped Disc's largest attended in-store appearances

Record breaking numbers cause a wave for local papers

Mike Corcione gives Blackie an earful

Blackie & Steve with future Slipped Disc Staffer Randy Gregg

Mike with Blackie Lawless, Steve Riley, Chris Holmes, Randy Piper and Phil

The Metal Logo is born . . . \m/

Original hand drawn flyer by long time customer
and "Two Man Advantage" guitarist SKATE

This website is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Schutzman & Leonard Schutzman,
who were the backbone of Slipped Disc and stood behind Mike in every way
to make the store what it was, and what it is remembered as today.

...More to come!!!